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Before starting the mold design, the material of the part is selected, the production method is determined, and the 3D geometry and tolerant technical picture of the part to be produced are created.

Information about the machine to be produced (tonnage, stroke, connection plate, etc.) in order to make a Conceptual Design of the mold.) is required. In addition, thanks to information such as total production information, monthly production information, cycle time, investment budget, it is determined how many cavity the mold will have. At the conceptual design stage, whether the mold to be made is a plastic injection mold, whether it will be a moving spade, the type of runner and pusher, the principles of the cooling system are determined.

After agreeing with the customer on the basic principles of the mold and receiving the order, the detailed design of the mold is started. The mold design is made in 3D. The principle of operation of the mold, the order of its movement, its steps are analyzed. At this stage, if the risk of error is foreseen in the part during production, the risks can be minimized by simulating production (such as determining the runner locations by making mold flow for plastic injection mold).

After the mold detail design is finished, the materials are ordered and the mold production is started. The process is completed with the approval of mold trial, parts and mold.